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Online Advertising - Remarketing vs Retargeting

 Remarketing vs Retargeting

 The difference in remarketing and 
 retargeting is simply this, remarketing
 is all about email marketing, while
 retargeting is primarily about serving
ads to customers via “cookies”.

 Remarketing definition – a follow up
 email to the same email recipient, over
 and over, to gain a better opportunity
 to sell your products.

 Retargeting definition – signing up
 with Google Display Network to have
 your ads follow a visitor to your website
 after they leave your website and ads
 appear on other websites they visit.

Free retargeting software is available
to see how successful your efforts can
be in using retargeting strategy. Visit
some choices they offer.

Adroll retargeting is another venue
where you can use their platform to
retarget your ad campaigns for better
results. Visit them to see what they

Online Advertising is wide open, so
 learn how others in a given field or
 similar product tend to advertise and
 that’ll say a lot about where your
 competition is bidding for business.



 A remarketing strategy is designed to
 reach previous customers or those who
 have visited your website before or read
 your email and you can customize your
 remarketing campaign to a wording that
 lets them know they have shown an interest
 already. Typically, it takes a potential
 customer seeing your email notice as
 many as seven times before they bite.

 With a remarketing campaign, you may
 want to offer them a break in price or
 possibly some other incentive to gain
 their trust and hopefully a sale.

 A retargeting strategy is where you
 direct Google Display Network with the
 use of “cookies” which alerts Google which
 website or web page of yours, visitors
 saw, and posts ads on other website’s
 your visitors are seeing as they browse
 other websites online. Think of it as a
 “reminder ad”. This helps you to possible
 have them return to your site and you
 make a sale.

 Search retargeting with Google Search
 and see what options are there for you
 to select and try.

 Facebook Remarketing Pixel is another
 way to use remarketing or retargeting
 and keep your products presence in front
 of visitors. See how to set up facebook
remarketing pixel.

 What are cookies? Well, there not for eating in this case. Basically, it is a
 computer tidbit that acts as a footprint of where you have visited before and
 it lets advertisers know where their traffic has come from. This will also allow
 those websites to target their advertising so as to gain the best return on
 their efforts to sell their products.

Contextual Marketing is a good way to attract website traffic and potential
Contextual Marketing definition – placing text ads on websites that are
triggered from a visitor’s use and keywords that they have been searching

Think of it as a toilet paper stuck to someone’s back side after leaving the
restroom. It tells everyone where you came from and what you were doing. Lol.

You can advertise online virtually endless places online. We found this website
that will enlighten you all the key places to advertise online. Some are free to
advertise places or paid for traffic. Depending on how big your social media
activity and friends list are, free is better. If your list of contacts is small, then
paid advertising is best for you.




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