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We want to assist you in finding answers to your open source software and what is available to you to help you get the most from the
available software that does not cost you to make use of. Many open source software is easily downloaded and will guide you through
their process of maximizing the tools they offer. Feel free to browse, discover, and download the right fit for your tasks.



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   Ways to Use Open Source Software

is really the whole idea of alternative ways to find and use online tools that will give you the require results and still save you the time and money at the same time.

Just remember this, if there is a program out there that you'd like to have, but the price is just too expensive to get, there is probably an alternative program that will do the same thing or better and usually free or a whole lot less expensive.

You are not the only person who has crossed this dilemma and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Some programmers are just greedy and more about getting rich off of their ideas. Granted there is nothing wrong with that concept, but since we aren't them, we'd still like to enjoy the same tools.


Ways to Use Open Source Software

Open Source Software is designed
to serve as an alternative tool for
doing what other expensive tools
can do.

Why pay retail when you can get it for
less than wholesale? Call me cheap,
but if you can get it done for less, then why pay more?

A good example is Photoshop,
granted it can do wonders for your
project and do creative things, even modify an existing image, but there
is an alternative to spending so much
money on Photoshop, GIMP


Your Operating System just went down
Letís say your operating system on your pc has been diagnosed as dead, oh no, an new computer isnít cheap. But my pc says it has an ERROR! What can you do in this situation?

Believe it or not there is an answer for that.
Linux is an open source operating system in itself. Just get Linux on disk and you can run the operating system from the disk in place of your hard drive.

Solutions with Open Source Software

Ever needed to print in PDF format? Well, you can and without spending money on
Acrobat or even using Photoshop. There is an open source software solution known
as CutePDF and Ghostscript. These will solve you problem and you save money in
the process.

Greenshot is a great open source software that allows you to do screenshots and is
really quite good at what it offers. Once you learn to use this handy tool, youíll never
see a reason to use anything else in capturing screenshots and manipulating the
content on screen.




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Best Websites to Download Open Source Software


GitHub - Write Better Code through
               - Manage Your Chaos
               - Find The Right Tools

 GitHub is a preferred outlet for open 
 source software used by many
OPEN SOURCE Software Directory
is a great location for accessing free
open source software and downloading
very easy to use programs for home,
office, or small business owners

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