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Keyword Research Tool is a valuable asset to your online success. By knowing what keywords are the most recognized and can
help you to compete successfully with others online, in the same venue or topic, you can be PRICELESS! Take the time to come to
know how to use this open source software that has helped literally thousands of people like yourself. The right keywords used in the
right place can catapult your presence over you competition and put you where you want to be found.



Best Open Source Software (BOSS) - Keyword Research Tool



   How to Do Keyword Research

Who better to use for keyword research than the master himself, Google! Well, did you know . . . . .

Your can download a FREE Keyword Tool for most of
your keyword research and have it all right in front of
you without having to flip back and forth between
Google and your keyword research tool.

You can use this free keyword research tool anytime
you are doing a generic Google Search because it
is right there on the same page with you.


Ways to Use Keyword Tool

Keywords are the heartbeat of online searches. The very minute you type
in a search for anything, and I do mean
everything, the search engine,
regardless of which one you use is
taking your words and processing
relevant keyword matches to hopefully
find exactly what you want to learn or
know more about.

Often times, you can simply type in a
name or address and discover what
you had hoped to find in a flash.

Even typing in a specific phone number
can reveal more about a person than
you would ever thing.



Keywords can set your website
apart from the crowd.

Currently, there is approximately, over 4
Billion listings for Dogs! But, if you type in
"Small Dog Sitters Near Me", Google will
narrow down your search to dog sitters
right in your hometown.

If you are building a blog or website,
knowing what keywords will refine other
people's searches, can put you leaps and
bounds, ahead of your competition.

Keyword Research Tool for Small Local Business

Doing your due diligence, when performing keyword searches, you can set your small
local business apart from the competition without having to pay a lot of money to a
computer guru or a computer web building professional when creating a blog for you
small local business.

Again, it is all about the keywords and how to choose which keywords will narrow down
the research that other online viewers are using to find your local business. Don't try to
get fancy with your business name, as much as how people will be doing their generic
searches in the search engines in order to find your business.

Once they land on your website or blog is where and when to elaborate on your business
name and where you are located. This is where you make the sale, not in the search



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OPEN SOURCE Software Directory
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