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Welcome to Best Open Source Software - We hope to share with you the possibilities that are virtually endless, in what you can do
and find online, that will give you the tools needed to complete your project, improve your efforts, or help you to find software tools that
are either free or much less expensive than a retail software developer or program. The internet has endless resources, that open source software can be the alternative to higher priced software and in many cases assist you in a better outcome.

Open source software is designed to be the alternative choice for different reasons. In many cases, open source software has been
designed to be more user friendly and more direct in solving programming issues than a large business retailer product.

Feel free to browse our site and discover the right software to address your issues and if you find our site to have helped you, we'd
appreciate a recommendation to others. Thanks!


Best Open Source Software (BOSS)



  Best Open Source Software (BOSS) is a list of the best open source software that contains source code provided to end users that can be read and modified by the end user for a purpose of improving or altering the source code for the
individual applications of the user.

That being said, in order for users of the open source code,
the community that shares this open source software, expects certain guidelines to be followed:

• The program must be offered free distribution to the public
• You must include the source code with the program
• The source code must be able to be modified by all users
• Modified versions of the source code may be shared with other users

Open source software license must not exclude or interfere
with, the operation of other software.
Advantages of Open Source Software

Having the advantages of open
source software gives you the tools to create the projects you want to
build without having to write or have
someone else write the program that
does what it is you want to make your
project come to light and give you
exactly what you need it to do.

Once you begin to use these readily
available open source software, you
see the real advantages of having
them like tools in a toolbox.
Types of Open Source Software

There are a number of types of open
source software to get what you need
the software to do for you.

Linux kernel.
GNU Utilities and Compilers
BSD Operating Systems
Download These Great Open Source Software

Mozilla's Firefox is an open source web browser that is very compatible to other more
recognized web browsers and can perform to your satisfaction if you choose to use it.

Thunderbird email client  is a product of Mozilla and it's developers. It is complete and
will work well for you, if you are wanting to stay within the Mozilla family of online tools.

PHP scripting language - is another open source programs that appeals to web
developers and website makers alike. This tool is preferred by many webmasters

Python programming language is used by web developers and programmers and
has a large following. You'll find this open source software measures up.

Apache HTTP web server is used as a HTML serve to deliver content to the world wide
web and this is a great tool to use in making the connection to the internet

Filezilla is a way to upload to web, with your website content. The transfer of content is
done through an FTP delivery and  Filezilla works great for this. Highly recommended

GNU is much like Unix in that they both use a collection of compatible software, not only
are they alike but compete straight up with higher priced systems

UNIX is works to be a collaboration with your smart phones, tablets, and other newer
gadgets to be an alternative to commercial rivals and is distributed free to use


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Best Websites to Download Open Source Software


GitHub - Write Better Code through
               - Manage Your Chaos
               - Find The Right Tools

 GitHub is a preferred outlet for open 
 source software used by many
OPEN SOURCE Software Directory
is a great location for accessing free
open source software and downloading
very easy to use programs for home,
office, or small business owners

The History of Open Source Software

Software being a key part of the origin of the online world back in the early 1970’s, it was new territory for the programming
world. First there were the ideas and then how do we put that to a common use and yet, allow others help us to make ongoing changes in programming, so more people can actually participate with a common goal of a better design.

As with anything new, there will be changes needed and mistakes removed, much like the car industry struggled with in it’s
infancy back in the 1800’s. This was the calling for open source software initiative.

Collaboration of ideas, programming, and common tools, with a license that has common goals and guidelines was needed
to make a better mouse trap online.

As with any new business, commercialization of software was the next big thing and your major players as usual became
rich with their products and safeguarding their wares was a part of the new software products, as was to be expected.
The need to have a generic alternative, if you will, was the next behind the scenes need and there were programmers that
saw this need and objective and they formed alliances to undertake a generic pattern of pooling their ideas and tools to
make for open source software.

In order to make it useable and with a common understanding of how to be a accepted user, the outline of how to participate
was key to getting into the shared programs. The generic programmers saw the need to outline some guidelines that still
hold true.

• Security - to protect programs and their creators
• Affordability - whether it be low cost or free , it must remain affordable
• Transparency - visual to the end user of what programs allow and to always share changes
• Perpetuity – forever as a open use utility
• Flexibility – allow open source programs to be altered and yet in keeping with the licensee
• Localization – if a open source is designed for a local group, it can be shared and altered to adapt the local end users

 Considering the vast option of open source software, there is specialized programs designed for practically any
 application you have a need to use in your personal or public business format. Go online and search for open source
 software for what you are seeking and there you will find a program you can custom fit to your specific need.



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